About Dhani

Dhani is a smart, energetic boy, a very quick learner, attentive, and eager to please. He is structurally very sound. Dhani showed serious potential as a conformation prospect as a young puppy. Unfortunately, he has not grown into what we expected. Although he will probably never see the inside of a conformation show ring, he would be a great performance dog. While I have titled dogs in Obedience and Rally, I have never trained in Agility, but with Dhani’s energy level and enthusiasm my guess is he would love and excel in Agility. He also loves to retrieve - always brings the object right back to you (unlike most collies I’ve had!).

He lives with me in central Wisconsin as a house dog. He is housebroken, crate trained, travels well, and is trained in basic obedience. He's a sweetheart. While he could be a couch potato at times, a home where he is not kept active and involved with his human(s) would not be appropriate for him. A home where he could be busy training and competing in performance venues would be perfect for him.

Dhani was raised by his breeder following the “Rule of Seven”, so he is a well-rounded individual. As a baby he grew up playing with a kitty that was more puppy than cat. Though his current cat housemate isn’t on that program, he has learned (mostly!) to respect the cat’s space. He gets along with my bitches; he misses the rough and tumble play with the one who recently passed away, and his 14-year old “grand-momma” has taught him to not try to rough-house with her, so he just runs circles around her and brings her toys. He probably would get along fine with other males once he learns not to jump around like an idiot with them, but I don’t know for sure on this. My other male dog doesn’t like other boys, so they have been kept separate (either side of xpen/fence) for Dhani’s protection.

Dhani is a 14 month old sable & white rough Collie (born 6/6/2016). Eye Check: Grade 2, mild choroidal hypoplasia. Contact me for asking price. AKC registration paperwork will not be signed over until he is neutered. Neutering may be put off until he’s 18 months old IF the new owner is additionally interested in conformation and wants to allow him to “grow out” a little more just in case. However, he should not be shown in conformation if his head qualities do not improve, and the new owner should be cautioned that we do not expect him to improve enough to be competitive in the conformation ring. Dhani’s co-owner (breeder) and I reserve the right to make the final decision on his suitability for conformation. Regardless, the contract will state he should not be used for breeding even if allowed to “grow out” before being neutered.

Dhani is registered as Laredo Fury's Perpetual Mirth. He is a son of GCHG Laredo Here Comes the Sun RN (Tucker) x Royals N Fury Fire in the Skye (Skye). Tucker was Hawkins system #4 rough Collie in 2015 (at the age of 9!).

Interest and questions should be directed to Sue Webber at 715-355-0706 (home), 715-432-9656 (work/cell), or sgwebber@frontier.com







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